Quick Overview of Sompo Holdings

Brand Slogan

A Theme Park for Security, Health & Wellbeing

SOMPO Group intends to give visible form to the abstract concepts of safety, security and health, and to realize a vision of the Group that solves social problems through its businesses and contributes to society as a presence that continuously supports the lives and happiness of its customers by appropriate use of advanced technologies, including digital technologies, while remaining close to the lives of “people,” who are the heart of society.


Establishment of Japan's First Fire Insurance Company

Tokyo Fire Insurance Company was established as Japan's first fire insurance company.


Entered Life Insurance Business

The Group entered life insurance business through a subsidiary after the deregulation of insurance industry.


Establishment of NKSJ Holdings

NKSJ Holdings, the predecessor of Sompo Holdings, was established.


Providing Value beyond Borders of Insurance

  • Entered the nursing care business
  • Promoting innovation by digital strategy
  • Entered assistance business
  • Entered home remodeling business
  • Entered extended warranty business

Changed the Name to Sompo Holdings and Accelerating Transformation into "A Theme Park for Security, Health & Wellbeing"

  • Building a Global Platform
  • Entered the cybersecurity business
  • Established specialized healthcare company
  • Entered C2C car sharing business
Group Businesses
Domestic P&C Insurance Business
Overseas Insurance Business
Domestic Life Insurance Business
Nursing Care & Healthcare Business
Strategic Businesses

Realization of a Sustainable Society

【Material Issue 1】Providing Solutions for Disaster Preparedness
【Material Issue 2】Contributing to Health and Welfare
【Material Issue 3】Promoting the Manageability of Global Environmental issues
【Material Issue 4】Empowering Community and Society
【Material Issue 5】Supporting Diversity and Inclusion in Private and Public Life
Strength of Each Business

A High Market Share in the Domestic P&C Insurance Business

Source: Insurance, Hoken Kenkyujo (Insurance Research Institute)
Based on total domestic net premiums written of direct insurers, which have corporate status or branches in Japan, excluding reinsurance companies
* Domestic P&C insurance company non-consolidated basis

An Expanding Overseas Insurance Business

A Growing Domestic Life Insurance Business

Nursing Care & Healthcare Business: Providing a Wide Range of Services

Nursing Care & Healthcare Business

Group’s collective capabilities