SOMPO Digital Lab

Bringing continuous innovation for the future of wellbeing. A lab that allows us to keep ahead of the changes to ensure we provide safety, security and health for all. SOMPO Digital Lab – Our new challenge starts here.

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Our two innovation hubs are ready to create
new customer experiences.

Our future is evolving with tremendous speed;
as changes across society occur,
technology continues to bring unprecedented advancements.

SOMPO Digital lab ensures we have our finger on the pulse,
bringing new experiences and value to our customers.

Located in Silicon Valley and Tokyo,
cities known for their technological innovations and expertise,
we are ready to discover new ways to improve wellbeing.

About SOMPO Holdings
Our Mission


New ideas from the world's frontier of innovation.

In order to be at the forefront of change
and receive the latest information as soon as it becomes available,
SOMPO Digital Lab is located in Silicon Valley and Tokyo.

SOMPO Digital Lab Silicon Valley

SOMPO Digital Lab Silicon Valley's activities include identifying the latest technological trends, networking with start-ups, and developing prototypes for the development of new customer experiences.

SOMPO Digital Lab Tokyo

SOMPO Digital Lab Tokyo acts as the control tower for digital innovation
across all units of SOMPO holdings, providing customer and industry insights
to the activities undertaken in Silicon Valley.

Advisary members

Looking for new possibilities in the digital field.

With the gathered support from influential people who pioneered the digital era,
including our senior advisor Professor Thomas H. Davenport,
we are actively making use of advancements in digital technology.

Senior Advisor Professor Thomas H. Davenport

Thomas H. Davenport has driven today's big data market by helping organizations understand how to harness their information assets from a variety of perspectives, including strategy and organizational theory. His 2006 article “Competing on Analytics” has been cited by the Harvard Business Review as one of that publication's twelve most important management articles of the past ninety years.

Now a professor at Babson College, Davenport has taught, among other places, at Harvard Business School and the University of Chicago, and was ranked one of the world's fifty best business school professors in 2012. In addition, he has offered his management advice to hundreds of companies, and has been ranked one of the 25 top consultants in the world.